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Achillobator has a Latin meaning. It means “ Achilles Hero”. They are carnivores or meat eaters. The Achillobator’s fossils were found in Asia. It lived about 85 million years ago wow! It was 17 ft. long and 7 ft. tall. Achillobator where found by a scientist in 1999 in Asia. It was like a raptor only bigger!  The weight is [...]

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Staurikosaurus was an early dinosaur meaning it was in one of the first periods but it didnt make it very far. It was the Late Triassic when they first started roaming the Earth. A Staurikosaurus is about 6.50 feet long ( 2 meters). The name Staurikosaurus means  Southern Cross Reptile. Since it is not that tall it is very light. It [...]

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Plesiosaur is an underwater reptile that was not a dinosaur but lived with them. Plesiosaur means Close to lizard. The Plesiosaur lives over 2 million years ago wow! From the tip of its nose to the end of its tail it was over 6 feet long! It ate small animals that roamed the sea close [...]

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