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The Utahraptor is a carnivore which means “meat eater”. It lived in the Early Cretaceous (130-120 million years ago). It roamed the Northern plains. It was about 23 feet long and 1,000-1,500 pounds WOW! It had large, LARGE claws on its feet. They say that this was probably the largest raptor that ever lived! It stood on two feet and had smaller front arms (like the T-rex) but it was still powerful and sharp.

Utahraptor running in the pond

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The Apatosaurus was found in 1877 by a planteologist named Othniel C. Marsh.  The name Apatosaurus means “deceptive lizard.” Did you know that the Apatosaurus was a relitive to the diplodocus. It was also desided that the Brontosuarus was the same thing as a Apatosaurus. A full grown Apatosaurus can weigh up to 25 to 40 tons wow! It was about 75 ft. tall. Were the babies were light enough to walk on two feet? By reserch scientist do believe by the foot prints they found were the Apatosaurus feet but on hind legs not all four! Did you knoiw scientist thought before Apatosaurus lived underwater? Well its true!  Heres some facts about the Apatosaurus.

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Did you know that a Mamenchisaurus lived about 155,000,000 years ago! That was alomost the end of the jurassic period. Mamenchisaurus means mamen reptile. it was about 80 ft long or 25 meters wow! it was 30000.00 pounds or 15000.00 kilograms. Thats heavy. A Mamenchisaurus was a large plant eater. The group it was placed in was called the Sauropoda. The Mamenchisaurus lived in Asia and in China.                                                                                                   

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Achillobator has a Latin meaning. It means “ Achilles Hero”. They are carnivores or meat eaters. The Achillobator’s fossils were found in Asia. It lived about 85 million years ago wow! It was 17 ft. long and 7 ft. tall. Achillobator where found by a scientist in 1999 in Asia. It was like a raptor only bigger!  The weight is still unknown.



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Staurikosaurus was an early dinosaur meaning it was in one of the first periods but it didnt make it very far. It was the Late Triassic when they first started roaming the Earth. A Staurikosaurus is about 6.50 feet long ( 2 meters). The name Staurikosaurus means  Southern Cross Reptile. Since it is not that tall it is very light. It is about 33 pounds (15 killagrams). It eats anything smaller that it is able to catch.  It lives in South America. It lived about 220,000,000 Years Ago! The Staurikosaurus was in the Theropoda group.

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Plesiosaur is an underwater reptile that was not a dinosaur but lived with them. Plesiosaur means Close to lizard. The Plesiosaur lives over 2 million years ago wow! From the tip of its nose to the end of its tail it was over 6 feet long! It ate small animals that roamed the sea close to the bottom. A cool fact is you may see many pictures of Plesiosaur with  bent necks but now many scientist believe that its neck could move so slightly by the way the neck bones were placed.


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Heterodontosaurus was a dinosaur not much bigger than a normal turkey here today. It had three different kinds of teeth the upper front teeth were used for biting against horny beaks. It even had teeth on its cheek, they were used for grinding the food. Last but not least the third row of teeth, they were like K9 teeth used for shredding the meat.  It had five finger with large claws great for attacking prey. it had three towed feet with large claws that help it to run very fast.

The Heterodontosaurus lived in the Early Jurassic times. It was a herbavor  or a plant eater. It wasn’t the smartest but its brain was larger than other dinosaurs.

Ready for anything

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Did you know that Triceratop means in Greek, Three Horned Face?   But it’s not true.  it only has two real horns! the third one is made of a different material.    A Triceratop was on  the Tyrannosaurus Rex menu, But beacus of the triceratops horns IT CAN SCARE OFF THE TREX!


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Did you know that a Stegosaurus has a brain no bigger than a walnut or a small dog!  It’s true.

Do you want to know what stegosaurus means?  It means roofed lizard.  They get that name because of the plates along it’s back.  No one know how they got there plated backs.   Another thing the spikes on it’s tail has a special name it’s called a Thagomizer.  It is a very common sight to see stegosaurus bones in North America but did you know most come from Asia?  Do you know the Ankylosaurus  was a very close relative to the stegosaurus hence they are both the protection dinosaurs?  The Ankylosaurus was the armored dinosaur and like i said earlier roofed lizard.  So both are similar in a way.


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A Pterodactyl’s name means Winged Finger. A Pterodactyl has a wingspan up to 40ft. or longer! They are able to fly a very long time even  over a day long! they have a very good eyesight way better than ours. They are not dinosaurs but the king of all birds. They were carnivores so they ate meat. If at least ten of them ganged up they could eat a TREX!


flying in the wind

flying in the wind



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